Chicken in Peanut Sauce

Ingredients for 6 persons :

6 chicken pieces
Chile ground to taste
One medium onion, finely chopped
1 ½ teaspoon crushed garlic
5 ounces (150 grams) of crushed roasted peanuts
1 and ½ cup water
6 small potatoes
3 tablespoons of oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation :

Season the chicken pieces with salt and pepper.

Heat oil in a pan and fry the chicken there.

Remove the browned chicken and put in the pot the onions, crushed garlic and the chile.

Fry until the onion is soft and well cooked.

Replace the chicken in the pan, on onion, and add water.

Cook for about 20 minutes.

Add crushed peanuts and continue cooking until slightly thickened and forms a sauce.

Stir in potatoes, cut in half and put out the fire.

Serve with rice.

Beans with brown sugar (panela)

Ingredients :

500 grams of red beans
250 grams of meat porklamb
4 tablespoons of guiso (oil fry onions, tomatoes, garlic, seasonings)
Salt to taste
2 tablespoons of brown sugar (panela)

Preparation :

Cook the beans in a pressure cooker (left to soak the day before) for 20 minutes or common pot until soft.

Add the brown sugar (panela), salt, and meat stew into small pieces sauteed.

They are left to boil for 20 minutes without covering the pot.

Serve this dish with rice, salad and plantains (patacones).

Strawberry Fluff

12:34 PM
Ingredients :

1 box strawberry gelatin
1 envelope of beat cream
1 large can condensed milk
1 / 2 pound strawberries
2 egg whites
1 cup sugar

Preparation :

Prepare gelatin according to directions.

Pour the warm gelatin into blender and blend with the strawberries.

Besides I beat prepare the cream and mix with condensed milk, egg whites until stiff peaks form and add the sugar.

Stir this mixture gently over the liquefied gelatin with strawberries, pour into a mold and refrigerate for 3 hours.

Serve in individual portions and enjoy.

Guava candy

9:54 PM
Ingredients :
1 cup of water
1 cinnamon stick
1 cup of sugar
12 seedless of guava
2 tablespoons of powdered sugar
1 / 2 cup of blackberries
4 mint outbreaks

Preparation :

Prepare a light syrup with a cup of sugar, water and cinnamon.

Dissolve the sugar and when a boil stirring the syrup.

While cutting the ends of the guavas, cut them in half and remove seeds.  

Add to syrup and cook for 5 minutes.

Allow to cool in the syrup.

Whip the cream as it is firm to add two tablespoons of icing sugar.

To serve, place two halves on each plate of guava, served with cream and decorate with blackberries, mint and cinnamon.

Amaretto and coffee dessert

Ingredients :
1 / 2 cup of milk
3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk
3 tablespoons of milk cream
1 banana
1 tablespoon of amaretto
Chocolate sauce
Maraschino cherries
Whipped cream
Preparation :
Blend the banana with the milk and the coffee.
Pour into a separate cup the chocolate sauce (on the walls of the cup) and then serve the mixture in the blender.
Garnish with whipped cream, cherries and cinnamon.

Cartagenera Rice Stew

9:47 PM
Ingredients for 5 persons:

2 cups of rice
4 ounces of onions
2 ounces of sweet peppers
4 ounces of cabbage
1 / 4 cups of butter
1 / 2 pound of fresh tomatoes
4 cups of water
4 cloves of garlic
Salt to taste

All the ingredients are cut into small pieces and put to fry in butter.

When everything is ready as a sauce, add the rice and sautéed in the sauce.

Add water and boil over high heat, uncovered.

When boiling, cover and reduce heat to simmer for at least 20 minutes without uncovering it.

When you are ready, uncover and stir with a fork to loosen the grains.

In this rice you can add minced pork, ham, sausage, shredded chicken, etc.

Sweating Meat

5:09 PM
Ingredients :

1 kg of loin or tenderloin steaks
500 grs. of fresh tomato
50 grs. red pepper
250 grs. green onions
3 or 4 cloves garlic
1 kg of potatoes
1 kg of cassava
1 carrot
Cumin and Saffron

Preparation :

Cook the finely chopped onion until translucent and garlic slices, add the tomato and the peppers, season with a pinch of cumin and a pinch of saffron.

When the sauce is ready, add the fillets and cook them for 10 minutes and add a cup of water and boil.

Add the sliced potatoes and the medium-sized pieces of cassava.

Place in a pressure cooker for 10 minutes, then take the pressure off and let stand to thicken.

Prepare the dish with a generous portion of rice and pour over the sweats.

You can serve with a salad with avocado.

Flank Steak Creole style

Ingredients for the first part of the plate

4 lb of Flank
3 stalks scallion complete
2 Poker-style beers in Colombia is "bitter. "
2 pounds of potatoes cut into halves
1 ½ pounds of cassava piece.
2 tablespoons thyme, oregano and bay leaf ground.

Ingredients for the second part of the plate

2 onions, peeled and cut in slices
4 cloves garlic
3 ripe tomatoes, peeled and grated large
½ red bell pepper, cut into strips (or even grated)
1 ½ tablespoon black sauce
1 chopped sweet pepper
2 bay leaves
1 tablespoon thyme
Salt, cumin, pepper to taste.

Preparation :

First Part of the plate

In a pressure cooker cooking with beer put the flank and filling with water to cover and add the herbs and scallions.

Leave the pot whistle twice.

In another pot put to cook potatoes and cassava until soft.

Remove meat and cut into portions

For the second part of the plate

In a large skillet, fry, garlic, onion and peppers and sweet pepper, then add the tomatoes, leave for a moment and then add the black sauce and bay leaves, thyme, salt and cumin pepper.

In this sauce add the meat, potatoes and cassava.

Orange Rice

11:51 AM
Ingredients :

1 tablespoon of butter
2 cups ofrice
2 cups water
1 tablespoon oil
2 cups orange juice
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 cup raisins
1 tablespoon orange zest

Preparation :

In the pot in which you will cook the rice, heat the oil over medium heat and add the butter.

Add the rice and sauté for over two minutes, stirring continuously.

Add the water, the orange juice, salt and sugar.

Mix well and cook over high heat until boiling.

Reduce heat to medium until holes appear on the surface.

Add the raisins and the orange zest.

Stir well.

Cover and continue cooking over low heat until rice opens well.

Fruit candy

10:03 AM

½ pound butter
2 cups ofbrown sugar
4 egg yolks slightly beaten
1 cup of evaporated milk 397gr.
1 tablespoon of baking powder
2 cups of flour
1 cup of candied fruit
1 cup of raisins
1 cup of rum
½ cup of chopped almonds
4 egg whites until stiff

Marinate the candied fruit, the raisins and the nuts in the rum for 24 hours.

Whisk the first 4 ingredients until the mixture is creamy.

Add baking powder sifted with flour before, marinated fruit, rum and almonds.

Continue beating until well blended.

Add the egg whites until stiff with a stirring motion.

Pour into a round mold of 25 cm in diameter and place in the oven preheated to 350 º F (180 º C) for one hour.

Hot unmold and cool.

If you want you can decorate to taste with the reserved glaze.

Catfish sweat

9:22 PM
Ingredients :

3 pounds of catfish cut into 8 thick slices
4 lemons
1 bottle of beer
2 ripe tomatoes, crushed
2 stalks green onions, chopped
2 cloves crushed garlic
1 / 4 pound butter
2 cups milk
1 cup ground toasted bread
1 tablespoon ground thyme and bay leaves
Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation :

Melt the fish slices with lemon juice to soften the spine.

Fry in oil on both sides.

Put them to marinate in beer, tomatoes, green onions, garlic, thyme, bay leaf, pepper and salt.

Removed and placed in a saucepan with milk, butter, bread crumbs, thyme and salt.

Keep in soft fire during 20 minutes.

Chocolate Caramel Tart

Ingredients (6 persons):

20 cookies
100 g butter
Condensed milk
3 bananas
Milk Cream
Half tablet of black chocolate

Preparation :

Place all the cookies in a plastic bag and crush them with any object that make crumbs achieve (a bottle, a wooden spatula, hammer, etc ......).

Put the cookie crumbs in a bowl.

Melt the butter over low heat and mix well with the cookie crumbs.

Then place the mixture into a round serving plate, and tighten securely to form a basis.

Goal in the refrigerator for one hour.

Bring to Boil water in a saucepan and once grass, add the condensed milk (unopened) like in a water bath(al baño María).

Simmer for 15 minutes. Then pull out and open it gently with a can opener.

The milk will be made candy.

Pour the entire content of the condensed milk over the biscuit base and chill.

Once the caramel is cool, slice the bananas and place them on top.

Grate the chocolate, and hand them around the cake.

Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Serve topped with cream.

Trout with cheese sauce

Preparation for 6 persons


6 boneless trout
2 eggs
2 table spoons of cornstarch
1 teaspoon of salt
2 cups white sauce
2 table spoons of tomato sauce
2 table spoons of lemon juice
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 cup of grated cheese
2 table spoons of butter

Preparation :

Trout are opened in two and cut in halfs.
Mix the eggs, the cornstarch and the salt, wrap the trout and fry in hot oil.
Mix the white sauce with tomato sauce, lemon and sugar.
Then bathe the trout with the sauce, cover them with cheese and bits of butter and take the oven to 350 degrees until cheese is melted.

Pork with sweet corn

1:13 PM

1 pound of corn
2 pounds of pork
1 cup of milk
2 tablespoons of butter
Parmesan cheese to taste

Preparation time :
20 mins

Cooking time : 20 mins

Preparation :

Cut the pork into little chunks, saute in a skillet until cooked through.

In another pan, mix the corn with butter and let brown slightly, add milk and cook until thickened slightly.

Incorporate the pork and stir over low heat to fuse the flavors.

Just before serving, add the Parmesan cheese to taste.

Creamed corn (torta de choclo)

Preparation time : 2 hours and 15 minutes

Number of servings : 8


10 cups of water
2 pounds of chopped beef ribs
2 tablespoons of hogao
1 pound of yellow potatoes
6 tender corns
1 cup of milk
1 cup of heavy cream
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of cilantro
Salt and pepper to taste

Put the ribs to cook with the hogao in water for an hour and a half, till they have a good stock.
Apart peel the corn, we choose four,  cleaned them of lint and with a sharp knife will take two cuts to the chase and a third cut is done with the back of the knife, scraping the heart that has been attached to the cob.

Then put the potatoes and beans to cook in the soup (without meat) with two remaining corn slices and left them to cook for about 20 minutes.

Once the potatoes are soft, do a hole in the egg and allowed to drain off the clear broth, where you mixed them.

The yolks are then incorporated with the milk.

Serve this dish with chopped parsley and a tablespoon of milk cream on each portion.
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