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Chicken with pepper with eggs and bread


1 large chicken without dams 
1 / 2 cup of oil 1 cup of wine 2 cups of broth 1 tablespoon of flour 2 teaspoons of salt 1 small can of mushrooms 2 tablespoons of tomato paste 1 medium onion 1 pound of small onions 3 / 4 stick of butter 1 can of petit pois Half teaspoon of really hot pepper
3 parties of hard boiled eggs sliced Garnie Bouque (a small branch of thyme, bay leaf and parsley) Bread triangles 


Season chicken pieces with salt, pepper, and garlic. 

Let stand at least two hours, wipe flour and sauté in six oil and two tablespoons of butter. 

Sprinkle another teaspoon of flour. mix well to brown. 

Cebolal top with the finely chopped and saute a little chicken. 

Add the Bouque garnier, white wine and cover sewing dejandop for 5 minutes at medium heat. 

Add broth and salt and pepper everything. 

Add the tomato paste. 

Cook for half an hour. 

Remove chicken and place the sauce. 

Transfer the onions in hot water, drain well and then cook it in butter on a pan. 

Place the chicken back in the pan, cover with the sauce and add to it the dry mushrooms. 

Continues simmer until sauce has plenty consistency and the chicken appears cooked. 

Finally add the tin of petit pois dry. 

When serving the place put the chicken in the center of a plate and surround it with triangles of fried bread and egg slices on bread. 

Add it chopped parsley on top. 

You can also garnish with shrimp or lobster, previously passed on salt water and lemon,and pre-cooked.
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